Monday, June 2, 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt lovebirds! It's been awhile huh? I seriously forgot that I have a blog. Saw someone tweeted about updating her blog and I suddenly remember that I do have one. Decided to look on it, and here I am typing a post. Well, as for that Imma update about my current life. It wouldn't be long, I promise hehe

Alhamdulillah, in a month time, genap setahun Ezaa pakai tudung :) I've started wearing tudung on the first Ramadhan 2013. Alhamdulillah terbuka hati dan masih kekal sampai sekarang. Masih jahil, masih dalam proses memperbaiki diri dan mendekatkan diri dgn Allah. Semoga Allah sentiasa memberi petunjukNya untuk hamba yg jahil seperti aku, Amin Ya Rabb. Studies? Yeah I've finished my second year and I'll be back on track for my 5th sem next week, 9th June 2014. How time flies! Family mm alhamdulillah everything is just ok, alhamdulillah semua masih sihat, all of my family members: Ayah, Ibu, Abang and Adik :) Next is my friends, alahai biasalah. Ada kawan yg jadi lawan, tapi lawan secara sihat hehehe I feel so grateful and thankful to Allah that now I can see which one of them yang betul2 kawan. Thank you Allah. Relationship huh? Haha remember my last post I talked about this one guy? Haha we broke, get back together and broke up again 3 months ago. Kami hanya mampu merancang, tapi Allah yg menentukan segalanya. Kalau sememangnya dia jodoh Ezaa, walau mcm mana Ezaa taknak pun Ezaa kena terima. Dan sekiranya dia bukan jodoh Ezaa, semoga Allah menjodohkan beliau dengan orang lebih baik, yg selayaknya dengan dia. Allah's plans are always the greatest, He knows whats best for us, sesungguhnya Kau sebaik-baik Pencipta, ya Rahman ya Rahim. Ermmm what next? I guess no moooooore, I've promise not to write to so long hehe so yeah, that's all about me. That's the moooost recent lah kot so far hihi jadi harapnya korang semua are in a good shape, semoga semua sihat2 belaka dan teruskan usaha untuk menjadi seorang insan yang lebih baik ;)

Oh yes, Ezaa saaaaaaaaangat jarang buka blog. So kalau rasa nak baca Ezaa update selalu, merepek selalu, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram; @ezaaazimi :)

Nah kita belanja sikit

Adios Amigos, Assalamualaikum x

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Brand New Day with A Brand New Strength


I slept at 5.30am just now, and the local time now is 7.55am. And guess what, I even showered! Wah Im so proud of myself! Well, harini aku ada azam baru. Aku nak lupa everything and treat him as usual. And I did this morning. But he went back to sleep. So yeah Im out to grab some breakfast! See ya later guys!!! 


As empty as the road, that is how I feel right now

Aight lemme get this straight. I'm writing this because I'm in a some sort of depression.

I'm currently in love and of course, in a relationship with a boy who lives in Ampang, Selangor and studying in UiTM Dungun, Terengganu. Not gonna tell how we met but this thing between me and him is not even a month yet.

It hurts, so much. After I found out about his leftover feelings toward his ex, we decided to go on with the relationship and imma help him to move on. I told him I'm okay, but I am actually dying inside. Well, what do you expect? I'm not mad. I'm just upset. Swear to God, he's different from others. He really do know how to make me smile and laugh, he knows how to comfort me, etc. Most of all, he's a very very honest person. Get to know him, then you'll know. Seriously, I never expect that I'd get this type of guy.

Cuba bagitahu aku, siapa yang tak rasa takut atau kisah bila ditinggalkan oleh orang yang kita sayang? (suddenly everything sounds very cheesy and cliche because i wrote that in Malay -___-) Everyone's afraid of losing the one they love right? So am I. Well, maybe it's my fault to love him this much even it's not even a month yet since we officially declared as a couple.

Alright I get it, maybe there are some memories that would definitely bring back those feelings. But why won't you tell me earlier? Because of that, things between us getting awkward and cold, day by day. I know I am the one who started all this cold thingy but please, just for once, put yourself at my place, how would you feel? It can never be the same. I somehow regret asking you that.

I used to think that those sweet unmention wishes you make on Twitter is for me, but now... I can't stop thinking, what I think is you tweet all that to her. Not me. Lagi buat aku suspicious is when you always mention her and yes, indirect tweet with her. I know, it's a good thing that you tell me that. And yes, I understand that you still in contact with each of your exs, being friends with them without any problem. Yes, I don't mind all that because that is what I do too. The different is, you still have feelings for your ex and my feelings right now is just for you.

I wanna forget about everything, since you want me to help you to move on but boy... Once again, be at my place, then only you know. I do not know how to tell you all this, because I'm afraid of what will happen next. That's my biggest weakness. I'm afraid of what will happen to us if I tell you all this. Would you still be with me, helps each other? Or would you just let me go as you don't wanna see I'm sad, as what you told me?

This stupid thing is ruining myself. I'm faking my smile and laugh. It is all because of this. Sampai bila aku nak tahan? Sampai bila aku boleh tahan? Benda ni jadi not even 2 days yet, but aku dah separuh gila serabut tak tentu arah. I have so many other things to think about but my mind is always filled with your name and faces. I'm wondering, how can you say you love me when you still have feelings for your ex girlfriend who you talk, mention, indirect tweet with, every single day?

Ya Allah, berikanlah aku ketenangan jiwa. Kau sahaja yang tahu apa yang terbaik buat kami berdua. Kau berikan aku petunjuk ya Allah. Sesungguhnya, aku sayangkan dia. Aku pasrah, ya tuhan. KepadaMu kuberserah segalanya. Amin Ya Rabbal A'lamin.

Back On Track, baby!

Haven't been updating my blog for so so so long. I know. I'm not good in writing, that is why, really. So you must be surprised to see this huh? Well honestly, I know there'll be no one who'll read this post. That is why I'm writing. I'm writing right now is just to refresh my mind.

Uhm, life's getting better. I'm studying in UiTM Penang, Diploma in Hotel Management, currently enjoying my semester break. 1 week left before I leave for the 3rd sem. Results? Hit my target, alhamdulillah. Sure gonna do even better for the upcoming semester. 

Well, the relationship between us getting stronger, day by day. Well, that is how it is suppose to be right? Of course, there are ups and downs but bak kata pepatah Melayu: Air dicencang takkan putus. I'm more than grateful to have them by my side, all the time. Terima Kasih Ya Allah, atas apa yg telah Kau kurniakan kepada keluargaku, egala rezeki yg Kau berikan kepada kami, akan kami cuba sedaya upaya kami untuk menjadi hambaMu yg soleh dan solehah. Bimbing kami ke jalanMu. Hanya padaMu kami berserah. Amin.

Yes, Siti Nurfatin Binti Abu Bakar, she is still my bestfriend and will always be. Laila Amerah Binti Mohd Asri? Hmm well, people do change right? I guess that's what happened to her. Semoga dia bahagia dengan kawan2 yg sentiasa disamping dia sekarang, amin ya Rabbal A'lamin. Classmates, ha the ponytails gang? Haha we still talk to each other, we even gets closer to each other whereby there is penambahan umat in our gang haha Anum Asyiqin, Alia Natasha, they are one of us. Well, bukan nak kata kita ada 'colleague' but its something like it HAHA naaaah we're comfortable with each other more than anybody else, that is why ;) So yeah, in that group we have Niena, Musfirah, Aina, Anum and Alia. The 6 of us, where we have our own whatsapp group for us to discuss about food haunting (a quite interesting activity these days), gossips, etc. And yes of course, I've met new friends in Penang. Housemates (; Aimi, Adeela, Sha, Mummy, Yuyu, Una and Mira), classmates (there are 23 of us, tkkn aku nak mention semua boleh mati tau), sports partners, singing/music team and sooo many more. Glad to know all of them.

There are a lot more to say but I'd better cut it off here since you'll be bored to death if you read this. Silap hari bulan, mati betul. Ha takpasal aku punca. Uhm uhmmm, well its good to be back and get to share things with you...

Have a nice day ahead!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ibuuu , ILOVEYOU !

With her permission , I'm attending ;

Yeahh , it's my school's prom ! Da bomb isn't it ? Haha ;D If you guys can't read , let me be the microscope :P It's going to be held on 23rd December 2009 at Grand Dorsett Hotel , Subang as in Sheraton Hotel , Subang . The ticket price is RM120 for single buddy and RM220 for couple (: Juliana Evens is going to be the host while Bunkface , DJ K-Style from Quattro Club KL , Heart-A-Tack , Rockmantic , Pieremiddle , The Fused , So What ? and
Mr Aiman Ariff gonna make a awesome performance . Wow ! That's quite a lot right ? Duh penat aku type , haha :D

At first , I was just like ' OMG OMG nak pergi pergi ! ' because of that masquerade thingy . Kira like tak serious lah en ? Suddenly Cdek kinda forced me and Laila to go ;p * sorry Cdek * Cdek is one of the sponsors , he sponsored entah berapa ratus entah hari tu dia bagitahu , tak ingat lah . Haha . And yeah , Kak Afifah is the one yg handle everything about this if I'm not mistaken . Hoo thanks Kak Fifa ! Hehe . And not forgeting , Laila too because she's the one who'd asked the permission from my mum GHEE Muah muah <3

Aight , its 5 to 5am and I should be asleep right now . I don't want these eyebags to get more worse -.='

Nighty night !

Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Friends <3

; ---> Siti Nurfatin Binti Abu Bakar
; ---> Laila Amerah Binti Mohd Asri

Oh God ! I miss you girls so badly ohh :( When it's a looooong school holiday , we used to spent our time together twice a week at least , but it have been quite long dah tak jumpa . Awww how sad ? -___-' I missed Fatin's wierd stories , and Laila's insane dreams . I missed Fatin's and Laila's trademarks :p If you know what is it , you'll be laughing like shit and at the same time you'll ask ' What have you done the world ? ' Hihi * girls , watlek haha * But most of time , we got mad to each other and it's the beginning of our EMO time ;p

Whatever happen , muah muah I love you guys so much ! * highlight that ! * I can't wait to see you this Thurs :/ Eventho it's going to be a really tough day , yeah , it's the day when PMR Results coming out -.='

I'll see you at school ! Take Care <3
I slept at 6am last night and woke up at 10am , it's all my mum's fault . She called me that morning and said ' Kau neh anak dara ape ha bangun lambat lambat ? ! Bangun ! Mandi ! Kejut adik ! ' Grrrhh , she was downstairs padahal (!) Itu pun nak call -.=' After 1 and a half hour taking my bath , I went downstairs and found my mum was cooking with my cousin , Kak Ina . Then I left the dapur quickly and sneakyly because I don't want my mum to babbling at me and went to the living room . Suddenly , Zaim Nakhwan , Kak Ina's son , came to me and said ' Kak Ijaaa , Kak Ija . Jom main basikal ? ' * doing THAT pity pity face * Gila kaaaahh ? Tengah tengah hari buta tu kau nak main basikal ? ! So , I answered ' Alah , akak penat lah . Ajak Kakak Iju ' Hahaha , serve you right GENDOT ! Hihi ;p

Then they gone back home to Sentul , KL ; Kak Ina's house and bla bla blaa * malas nak cerita -___- *


Izi - My superb thin brother ;D
Izu - My superb big sister ;p

Izi ; Hahahahaha gila bodoh !
Me ; Hahaha , wey wey tengok perut dia !
Izi ; Ahahahaa , kau tengok ! Dia kentot doh ! Hahaha
Me ; Haha bangang wey nmpk bontot dia ! Ahahaha
Izu ; * While playing Jojo's Fashion Show * Oi oi , asal korang gelak ?

We were watching Wipeout Australia at AXN , it's really funnayyy ! Haha , seriously ;D My family and I , except for my brother * peh dah karangan XD * , just got back home from Giant 13 , bought 2 pairs of school shoes , pfftt ! Asal pergi sekolah kena pakai kasut ? ;| We had our dinner at Al Rafi 13 , my boyfriend's , bak kata Raja -.=' and sampai rumah at 11.15 pm .

That's all what happened today , kinda boring day -.=' So , I'll see you guys tomorrow yo ! I'm out , take care <3

Dozens Of Love , Ezaa Anak Pak Jimmy ;)